June Presidents message

Published Friday, June 1, 2018
by Larry Leach

Hi Neighbour!

Neighbour Day, June 16, 2018: Visit www.Calgary.ca/ NeighbourDay. At the time of writing I don’t know of any neighbour day activities in Crossroads, but there are PLENTY in our surrounding communities. If we hear of any in Crossroads, we’ll be sure to post them to the Facebook Page.

It has been a remarkable 2017-2018 year for our association and our board as we head into our last meeting before summer. We have many new board members and the enthusiasm is contagious. I hope you will consider joining that enthusiasm in September at our AGM. I will be going into my last year as President in September and look forward to turning it over to a great group of people with new ideas and vision. I’m sure I’ll continue to be involved with a committee or two moving forward.

This will be the last month for Drum Fun . Family movie returns in October. June 29th is pub night. Have a look and join us, you won’t be disappointed.

Please support our Crossroads 36 Scouts on Saturday June 9th as they embark on the Great Alberta Bottle Hunt. This is a big fundraiser for them this year, so bring ’em out if you got ’em! Details further on. Don’t miss our Seniors Picnic Dinner June 10th. This will be another great evening put on by our remarkable Entertainment committee. I was disappointed to see that we are not getting a park and play or stay and play in Crossroads this year.

We have a potential event to announce from another community partner that may help replace that a bit and we will be looking to get a Lawn Chair Theatre in September. Stay tuned and keep your eyes on our social media for the latest updates. Keep in touch Crossroads. Get to know your neighbours and your neighbourhood and stay safe!